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Let’s Talk About Burn Out!

As my business has grown ALOT in two years, entrepreneurship has been good to me. I went from making barely $1,000 a month to a consistent $5,000 to making $10,000 in sales within a month. This sounds great; it is. However, managing 15-25 clients per month as a solo entrepreneur became exhausting. I have an excellent assistant, but I became unorganized, drained, had low performance, couldn’t reach my deadlines, and was tired. I was shipping products, designing, managing my books, writing thank you cards, meeting clients, zoom calls, forwarding emails, and boom, my battery became so low that I didn’t have the energy to create.

Most people spend the majority of their waking hours working. Entrepreneurs, we work around the clock. As for me, I can spend 4-6 hours on one design. The biggest problem I had were time management and organization. I needed to find balance. I encourage all entrepreneurs to do so as well. Take time away from your business to regroup so you can perform and give your best self and provide outstanding service. When you’re burned out, problems seem insurmountable. However, with every situation, there is a solution. There are ways to prevent burnout, and if you do become burned out, here are ways that have helped me cope.


+ Find why you’re burned out. - Mine was time management and organization.

+ Take a break ( Regroup )

+ Seek support from friends or loved ones

+ Mediation, Relaxation & Balance

+ Write down affirmations & practice self-care

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