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Brand Identity Package

Ashlaine Designs & CO. helps small businesses succeed by building brands and websites that convert, attract the right clientele, and potentially drive growth.

We appreciate your business. This package was created for small business owners and entrepreneurs to have a logo that stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

Perfect for small businesses looking to rebrand their business or build a brand from scratch, this package includes:



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First Things First...

Let's establish your brand identity. 

Branding goes beyond the logo and graphic aspects of your company or business. I believe there is a lot of confusion there. Branding is how clients perceive you. When you think about your brand, think about the experience you want to give your clients. This means your logo design, your website, your social media platforms, your reviews, and your customer service. These are the key elements when establishing a brand. Your brand should represent you as well as your promise to your customer. Whether that's giving superb customer service, fast turnaround time, or quality work. 

Your brand should set you apart from your competitors.


  •  Why should people purchase your product or utilize your services?

  •  How will your business solve their problem? 

Good branding generates recognition. People tend to do business with companies that are well-known or others are familiar with.

Let's Begin.....


1.  Brand Assessment Logo Development Questionnaire Completion


2.  We research—learn about your  industry & competitors 


We, at Ashlaine Design will do our own personal research. Research is all about analyzing your industry in more detail, conducting visual research and drawing conclusion. It will also help us steer in the right creative direction. This will help us avoid making a mistake of designing something that is too similar to your competitors. 


3. Establishing Brand Colors


Choosing a color for a logo is far more than simply selecting a hue that looks good. In order to make the correct choice, it's important that we look at the overall brand message, and story of the business as well as what it is trying to communicate with their brand. We look to the psychology of color to determine what is most fitting since every color has an emotional effect.




4. Creating A Mood board 


a way to collect different creative information in order to prepare for a new project. 


5. Developing ideas & design concepts for art direction.


Logo development usually takes 12 days. You will be created a brand style guide. You will be given a pdf file to view. This is not a process that will be rushed. You will receive up to six logo concepts. We will schedule a strategy call after the guide have been completed. During this call we will discuss which design fits your brand the most. We will determine if any changes need to be made or design elements should be added. Once, we have come to an agreement, we will make revisions for finalization.


6. Selecting the best logos digitally & Export logo files & a style guide 


• Once, you have made a decision as a collective on which designs ( primary & secondary logo ) will be utilized for your brand, Ashley ( the graphic designer ) will prepare your files for you. You will receive a black and white version, a color version, an AI ( Adobe Illustrator file ), JPEG file and a PNG file. 

Brand Assessment

Logo Questionnaire 

What To Expect

Access Our
Access Our
View Work

Viewed Your Concepts? 


Please book your discussion call ( For Existing Clients ONLY ( Discussion Call ) here. This call we will discuss which design fits your brand the most. We will determine if any changes need to be made or design elements should be added.

Have Additional Questions?

How Many Revisions Can I have?


·      We offer three revisions after we gather and apply your feedback.

What Will I receive?


·        You'll receive a primary logo, secondary logo, brand style guide, mockup design, and file types. ( AI, PNG, JPEG, ) and black, white, and color version of your logo.

How Long Will This Part Of The Process Take?


·        Once we have received your Brand Assessment & Logo Questionnaire, our design process will begin. It usually takes approximately 12 to 15 business days ( this does not include weekends ) for logo development.

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Untitled design - 2022-09-25T154204.401.jpg

We are finally at the last steps of the branding budget process! 

 The business card design development takes five business days. Once you have reviewed your design and approved it, you may then provide your home or business address for us to ship them to. Business cards take five to seven days. 

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